Cropping now

An old Russian variety, Black Krim are available from Kings Seeds, read more about the tomatoes here. And here’s a recipe for Black Krim chutney.

The Black Krim are coming on later in the season, much earlier and our mainstay for the first part of summer, were the yellow cherry tomatoes, prolific croppers and beaut thrown whole into salads or roasted whole – and they’re still going strong.

Black Krim tomatoes, an heirloom variety. Photo: Sandra Simpson

When it began to rain again yesterday, about 5.30pm, I dashed out to throw some fertiliser round the garden, figuring everything could do with a pep-up after the driest January on record.

The Vege Grower thought I was joking when I said there were two eggplants ready for harvesting – normally we get little bumps right at the end of summer and vow “never again”. But I found two “supermarket” size aubergine on the one bush with another couple sizing up!

We realise now we should have thinned them, but this is a portion of the fruit on our dwarf peach tree, Garden Lady (grows to about 60cm).

A few of our peaches. Photo: Sandra Simpson

And, of course, there are the zucchini … although I didn’t say this lightly as this is the first year in about three of trying that we’ve got it right and the plant is producing yellow-skinned courgettes apace.

PS: The first apple off our Blush Babe got eaten before I could take a photo! The tree is a natural dwarf (to 2m) and doesn’t require pruning.


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