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Te Puke dahlia breeder Peter Burrell is the focus of today’s column in the Bay of Plenty Times – and the gardening is back on the front of the C section!

Peter’s plants are registered under the international system whereby each breeder uses a unique prefix. Peter has chosen Kotare (Maori for kingfisher) so his plants are, for instance, Kotare Sparkle, Kotare Sarah, Kotare Noah (the last planned for release next year).

The column is a way of promoting the Waihi Dahlia Show, which takes place next Wednesday (Jan 16, details on the Events page). Peter hopes to show some blooms from his UK import Hillcrest Candy, a dahlia that hasn’t been seen before in New Zealand.

Hillcrest Candy.

And just for readers of Sandra’s Garden, Peter shared some tips on keeping dahlias looking good in a vase.

When you bring the cut flowers inside, hold the stems under water and make a split in the stem with a knife or the point of a scissor blade. This lets the air out of the stem and will improve the bloom’s keeping quality.

To every litre of water, add one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of Clorogene (or similar). Peter says flowers will stay looking good for an extra two or three days if this mix is used in the vase.

For information on a dahlia group near you, go to the Groups page.


4 thoughts on “Today’s column

  1. Hello Mary. Thanks for sharing the post, I appreciate that. Peter had some lovely blooms in his garden when I called by and was really hoping to have Hillcrest Candy with him on Wednesday. We have rain forecast for tomorrow so his umbrella system will get a work out.

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