Sunday digest

Kokedama is, according to this article anyway, the latest thing in using house plants for decorative effect – wrap them in special mud, wrap it all in moss and suspend the plant from the ceiling, or something. Dutchman Fedor Van der Valk is the acknowledged master, at least this week. (Anything that’s labelled as “the latest internet craze” has to be a bit suspect.) Kokedama originated in space-poor Japan but has now been taken up by artistic types elsewhere and no doubt will be in our glossy mags some time next year. Remember, you read it here first.

These artists use plants in their work, one of them so much enjoys the unpredictability of working with something that’s alive he says he’s not going back to paint, etc. Read the article (with pictures) here.

Gardens by the Bay is the newest attraction in Singapore – featuring “super trees” and cool greenhouses. The project has taken 5 years and cost $780m and is intended to be a teaching tool. Watch an Al Jazeera report on YouTube here (2.24).

Looking for something different to see in London? The Garden Museum is staging an exhibition on the history of the cut flower from February 14 to April 14. The world’s flower trade has increased from £1.8 billion in the 1950s to in excess of £64 billion today, according to the website.

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