Last-minute gift ideas

Remember, a gift from the heart needn’t cost the earth (or indeed anything at all) …

  • A trailer-load of compost/manure
  • A voucher for your time, to be spent in the garden
  • A new tool (spend as much as you can afford, it will be appreciated – with tools it’s very much you get what you pay for)
  • Packets of unusual seeds – try Wildflower World (you may be able to pick up on Monday) or something from Koanga Gardens (some heirloom varieties are carried at City Produce in Willow St)
  • Book vouchers
  • Garden centre vouchers …

Notice how the word “voucher” recurs? That’s because in my experience, gardeners often prefer to choose what they want themselves. Give a plant by all means, but make sure it is a plant the recipient actually wants!

Hand-made signs can be fun, but check that it’s something the recipient will appreciate and not feel duty bound to put in.

Making something for the garden is a project the whole family can be involved with, although time is ticking away. Some ideas for and pictures of an “insect hotel” structure can be found here and here.

But whatever you give, if it’s chosen for the right reasons you won’t go wrong.

A ‘bug hotel’ that is decorative and beneficial.


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