Rose vote results

The clear winner of last week’s vote for the Favourite Rose at the Robbins Rose Garden was (drum roll please) … Blackberry Nip, Rob Somerfield’s first rose.

Next equal were Hamilton Gardens (Sam McGredy’s last rose) and Peace.

Ned Nicely, parks co-ordinator with TCC and a rose lover from way back, says that he intends to have a bigger and better voting event next year but that he was happy with the results of what was a quickly organised first event. “We need to hold it a bit earlier too so that the roses are in their first flush.”

Aztec Gardens, the contractors who look after the Tropical Display House next to the rose garden, organised prizes and the prize draw for those who cast votes.

Rose bushes: Erin Bennett, K J Hay, Ian McKenzie, Daniel Perry, Elena VIggiano-Cleland. Wine: Danielle Bernsten, Karen Grant, Yvette Hickman, Joy Moore, Karen Novak. $20 cafe voucher: Russell Bennett, Faye Dowling, Helen Green.  Garden accessories (fertiliser, gloves and sprinkler): Darryl Violich, R Cook. Special Draw: Ian Foster (wine, gloves, secateurs and fertiliser).

Special thanks to: Megan Webber, head gardener.

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