Name that rose

Update Dec 4: Prizes include garden tools, plants, and cafe vouchers … and if you go and vote between midday and 1pm you get a free piece of cake! Today’s was iced chocolate cake. Now, read on …

A visit to Robbins Rose Garden in Cliff Rd this week will also be a chance to win a prize when you vote for your favourite (named) rose in the garden.

During his recent visit to the garden, rose-breeding legend Sam McGredy suggested the idea of a vote to his old friend and fellow rose lover Ned Nicely, Tauranga City Council’s parks co-ordinator.

“Since the article about Sam’s visit to the garden was in the Bay of Plenty Times [November 17] we’ve received a number of compliments on the garden, which Sam himself rates as one of the best two or three in New Zealand,” Ned says.

Sam is patron of the Pacific Rosebowl Festival in Hamilton, an annual event that includes a People’s Choice award.

Aztec Gardens, the contractors that operate the Tropical Display House next door to the rose garden, are donating prizes and co-ordinating the voting, which ends on Friday  (December 7). Paper, pens and a ballot box are in the foyer of the display house, open until 6pm each day.


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