A quick post to let you know that the Events list has been updated – a fun evening event at Palmers in Rotorua tonight (be quick!), a garden art trail in Whangamata at the weekend and the new NZ Edible Garden Show in Hastings in February.

Meanwhile, some more national organisations have been added to the Groups page – Chrysanthemum Society (the secretary is in Rotorua), Daffodil Society (the Northern club comprises Waikato and Bay of Plenty), Rhododendron Society (the nearest group is in Rotorua) and the Royal Institute of New Zealand Horticulture.

Colleen Thwaites has added her lovely Siesta Orchard garden to the Open Gardens list. If you open your garden to the public, please let me know and I’ll add your details too.

Did anyone guess the identity of the flower in the mystery photo in the post below? It’s a rhubarb flower, something the French expression jolie-laide (literally beautiful-ugly) seems to cover. I snapped it off and had it in a vase for a few days – the cut stem curled up attractively in the vase but the flower didn’t open any further.


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