Gibbs Farm

I was lucky enough to be invited on a group visit last Friday to Gibbs Farm, a 400ha private sculpture park on the Kaipara Harbour north of Auckland. Alan Gibbs generously opens his property to the public a few times each year and despite staff being anxious at facing a record crowd, it all seemed to go pretty smoothly.

I may write some more about it, although it’s not a garden in the true sense but a honking great landscape that is beautifully kept. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures to be going on with.

Horizons by Neil Dawson, supposedly a sheet of corrugated iron that’s blown in from elsewhere, changes slightly depending on where you are. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Farm staff have created their own work of art with the cairn-like woodpile. To the left is the stunning Dismemberment, Site 1 by Anish Kapoor. Photo: Sandra Simpson


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