Rosebowl Festival

Hot off the press from Hamilton Gardens are this year’s Pacific Festival Rosebowl results, announced yesterday. The roses entered for judging must all be New Zealand raised. They have one year to become established in the Rogers Rose Garden and then are eligible for judging for five years.


Blackberry Nip, the bush rose. Photo: Sandra Simpson

Most Fragrant: Climbing Blackberry Nip, bred by Rob Somerfield of Te Puna (see the Specialist Growers page for more on Rob). This is a purpley-pink rose as its name suggests.
Children’s Choice: Star Quality, Rob Somerfield, (salmon pink).
Best Hybrid Tea: My Girl, Sam McGredy (and named by his friend Ned Nicely of the Tauranga City Council parks department) (pink) .
Best Floribunda: Honeymoon, David Benny, Balclutha (cream).
Best Climber: Climbing Blackberry Nip.
Rose of the Year: My Girl.



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