Rosebowl Festival

Hot off the press from Hamilton Gardens are this year’s Pacific Festival Rosebowl results, announced yesterday. The roses entered for judging must all be New Zealand-bred raised. They have one year to become established in the Rogers Rose Garden and then are eligible for judging for five years.

Blackberry Nip, the bush rose

Most Fragrant: Climbing Blackberry Nip, bred by Rob Somerfield of Te Puna (see the Specialist Growers page for more on Rob). This is a purpley-pink rose as its name suggests.
Children’s Choice: Star Quality, Rob Somerfield, (salmon pink).
Best Hybrid Tea: My Girl, Sam McGredy (and named by his friend Ned Nicely of the Tauranga City Council parks department) (pink) .
Best Floribunda: Honeymoon, David Benny, Balclutha (cream).
Best Climber: Climbing Blackberry Nip.
Rose of the Year: My Girl.

What do you think? Are these some of your favourite roses?

The gardening feature in this Saturday’s Bay of Plenty Times  (November 17) is the result of a meeting with Sam McGredy on his recent visit to Tauranga.


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