News from other places

Here’s a fairly random collection of garden-related news from around the world.

A fungus is threatening to destroy Britain’s ash trees – the government admits the fungus cannot be eradicated (sound familar?). Worryingly, the government is also saying there is nothing it could do about the importation of infected trees under EU and world trade rules. Read that story here. Makes you wonder about all the free trade agreements we’re signing up to.

Click the link to read about the myrtle rust problems in Australia. This story (from last year) contains a quote saying it’s probably the biggest threat the Australian ecosystem has faced and probably arrived from South America.

Did you know that Eastwoodhill arboretum in Gisborne last year launched a 100-year master plan that “likens the arboretum to an ‘arboreal ark’, a global repository with the benefit of relative isolation, for securing and caring for species”? Read all about that here.

In pictures: 20 of the world’s most beautiful trees. Number 3 is well worth a look, its botanical name (not noted) being Couroupita guianensis. Our very own cabbage tree is featured at number 12, although the image hardly does the tree justice.

Tim Richardson discerns some trends at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show.



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