Last Chance to See …

The Urban Rooftop Garden, created on top of the carpark building opposite Baycourt, will be dismantled tomorrow so be in quick for a look. I popped up on Wednesday and had a pleasant chat to staff from Boffa Miskell who at lunchtime man the company’s stand. The garden has been designed to show how simple yet effective a garden can be – oioi (Apodasmia similis) is a native saltmarsh rush being used here to filter a water feature so algae doesn’t build up. The garden has been designed in modules so it can be sized to fit any plot with the plantings altered to suit sun/shade etc.

Other exhibitors on the rooftop include Mangatawa Nursery, Spruce Up, Fern Valley Bonsai, landscape designer Michelle McDonnell and a green wall from Natural Habitats. Once you’ve had a look settle in the marquee for a Devonshire tea with Chantilly Cream Vintage Tea Shop.

Poppie Englebrecht from Fern Valley Bonsai sent me a photo this morning of their stand, better than the ones I took in the glaring midday sun … so here it is.

The Fern Valley Bonsai stand – picture: Poppie Englebrecht


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